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School Holiday DIY Boxes

School Holiday DIY Boxes

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Piping Bag 1 Colour
Piping Bag 2 Colour
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LOCAL DELIVERY WITHIN 10KM RADIUS OF US $30 (if opting for local delivery, please list shipping address as billing address.)


Available Dates

Wednesday 27th Sep 2023

Thursday 28th Sep 2023


Box Includes

2x Vanilla Cupcakes

2x Double Choc Cookies

2x Buttercream piping bags (pick colours)

Bag of Lollies

Bag of Sprinkles


Please note, this box will not provide any piping tips. You'll simply need to cut the end of the piping bag which will create a circle. Therefore this box is suitable for younger children, as they won't be able to pipe any designs (roses etc). We would suggest 10 years and younger but we trust you know what your kiddies will enjoy!

Buttercream Instructions:

The buttercream may begin to harden between delivering from ours to yours. You just need to gently warm the piping bag before cutting it by gently rubbing it between your hands to soften/warm the buttercream. These instructions will also be provided in the box.


This box is NOT suitable for children with allergies. Box contains gluten, milk/milk products, eggs and soy. May contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts. 

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